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Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken & Peas Entrée Dry Cat Food

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Superior Nutrition For Cats

PureVita™ Brand Grain Free Chicken & Peas Entrée combines the delicious taste of chicken with a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables. And because it is made by NutriSource®, you can be sure it has our exclusive "Good 4 Life" system and the finest quality ingredients available for your cat or kitten.

The makers of NutriSource proudly bring you PureVita Brand Pet Foods. PureVita now has a grain-free cat food formula which is carefully prepared using only the purest, all natural, holistic ingredients to support the overall physical and emotional well-being of your cat and to maintain health and longevity. The essence of PureVita utilizes highly palatable, single source proteins and a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, each chosen for it's unique nutritional values and powerful phyto nutrient content. PureVita is "pure life" and will support you're the health and well-being of your loving cat the same way your cat enhances your everyday life.

Grain Free for Cats

  • Made with Real Chicken
  • Natural formula with added vitamins & minerals
  • Great taste cat's love

Pure Vita is your Solution!

  • Single Source Protein
  • Available in Grain Free or Grain Based
  • Packed With Whole Ingredients
  • Full of Anti-Oxidant Fruits & Vegetables
  • Good 4 Life System For Optimum Digestion
  • Naturally Preserved